Trade Customers

Customise with your brand for staff or promotion.

The PhoneCatcher can be branded with your company name

Mobile Phones and other hand held data recording devices have now become an everyday business tools often playing a significant role in achieving profitability or success in a company. Such tools may represent a considerable company investment.

Costs in supply, maintaining, replacement and/or insuring these devices divert resources that may be better spent elsewhere in your business.

PhoneCatchers when used, save money and in some instances may shift responsibility for equipment safety from phone owner to phone user.

At the very least PhoneCatchers lift awareness as to the value invested in company phones.

Promotional Materials

Very many people carry a Biro, many have car keys and then there is the cup of tea.

This was the reasoning behind the traditional company advertising on pens, key rings and cup mats given to customers in the millions to prompt and inform.

The numbers must be quite staggering, but, more people carry a mobile phone. With 28 million sold annually in the UK all using them many times each day.

The obvious conclusion is that PhoneCatcher can offer the opportunity to achieve a level of exposure that is far greater than pens, key rings or cup mats.

The available face of PhoneCatcher is an obvious canvas for a company to paint its company details, services or logo, something new and exciting, original and topical.