PhoneCatcher - A UK Invention

The PhoneCatcher was inspired by Stuart Hindle who whilst working on site in the construction industry kept dropping and breaking his mobile phone.

He found that although attractive and useful, cases afforded limited protection from breakage and as the cost of mobile phones increased, the risk of loss or theft became an unwanted distraction.

Stuart became determined to solve this problem and invented a device that offered complete protection from breakage, theft or loss and provided peace of mind whilst owning and using his expensive mobile phone.

The PhoneCatcher has been designed from concept to completed product in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

PhoneCatcher is manufactured in the UK

Made In The U.K.

Having found local Designers and Innovators in Yorkshire, we went on to locate Precision Engineers, Toolmakers and Manufacturers that utilised the latest technologies for the PhoneCatcher production.

The past heavy engineering in the Yorkshire region, from steel and cotton mills through railway engine and carriage manufacture to deep and drift mining, provide a legacy of fine skills and engineering expertise that have been utilised enabling the PhoneCatcher to become a proud completely made in the UK Product.