PhoneCatcher fastens to your device using a high strength clear adhesive pad.
PhoneCatcher will fix to a wide range of materials.

If in any doubt, fasten the PhoneCatcher direct to the device.

Yes. PhoneCatcher conveniently can be clipped on and off using the small clip provided.

The transparent pad must remain fastened to the device.

PhoneCatcher is provided with 2 complete sets of transparent fasteners to enable a single PhoneCatcher to be used on multiple devices.
Yes. PhoneCatchers transparent pad can be forced off using a sharp PLASTIC blade.
Any residue left from the transparent pad can be removed with spirt, alcohol or acetone.
PhoneCatchers clip provides a secure connection to either clothing or accessories and only a very deft thief would be able to unclip the device unnoticed.
No, it is the responsibility of the user to safeguard their device.

PhoneCatcher will always protect against dropping provided the user has correctly used the device in accordance with the instructions provided.

PhoneCatchers string has the strength of a massive 14kg!

Should the string break a new PhoneCatcher will be required.

The minimum order quantity is 100 caps for branding.

Please contact us for more information and pricing details.