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PhoneCatcher - Peace Of Mind

PhoneCatcher allows you to safely use your phone with or without a protective case allowing you the choice of enjoying the design and precision of your chosen handset.

You’ll never need to worry about dropping your mobile phone again.

PhoneCatcher - never drop your phone again

Never Drop Your Phone Again

To achieve the peace of mind available, simply connect your PhoneCatcher to yourself using the strong pocket clip, it is designed to clip firmly onto any material wherever your phone happens to live.

If dropped the PhoneCatcher will automatically catch your phone. Should your phone be knocked off a desk or table the PhoneCatcher will slowly lower it down. Calmly pick up your phone and your PhoneCatcher will automatically reset itself.

PhoneCatcher - cheaper than mobile phone insurance

Huge Saving Over Insurance

Better than insurance your PhoneCatcher also guards you’re personal data and all your contacts.

Typically, insurance policies will cost several times the price of your PhoneCatcher and may have an expensive policy excess at the end.

Not all claims are settled quickly requiring a crime reference number from the police.

This can be frustrating and inconvenient.

The PhoneCatcher has a smooth action to safely catch your phone

Smooth Action

The transparent cord in the PhoneCatcher is very gently weighted; a light pull is all that’s needed to retract the cord and in this regard PhoneCatcher is unlike any other device.

The very light pull on the cord is not what catches and saves your mobile phone, this allows for a very smooth and effortless running in and out of the cord as you use your phone and move it about.

Due to this your phone can be placed on a desk, table or other surface whilst still attached to your PhoneCatcher without it being pulled off.

Yet PhoneCatcher will not allow you to forget your phone and it is unlikely to be stolen.


Customise To Your Style

The PhoneCatchers are very stylish and certainly attractive.

Yet are supplied with a selection of different colored caps allowing the visual effect to be changed as required to match or contrast with other accessories, cases, clothing or environment.

Many colors or finishes can be purchased allowing a varied collection of personal choices.

The PhoneCatcher connects to any phone

Connect To Any Phone

The way your PhoneCatcher fastens to your phone has been cleverly designed to completely blend with your chosen model and color.

The transparent fixing is shaped to fasten to a lower corner of the front or back of any model and has a very strong adhesive patch which will withstand many times the weight of your phone.

The fixing can be forced from the handset and any adhesive residue completely removed should you wish to sell on your phone.

PhoneCatcher - Designed and Made In the UK

Designed & Made In The UK

Research has shown that E.U. consumers want to buy E.U. products, but when presented with products are confused about their origin.

PhoneCatcher Limited is proud to claim both the PhoneCatcher and PhoneCatcher Caps are 100% designed and made in Britain.

Having found local Designers and Innovators in Yorkshire, we went on to locate Precision Engineers, Toolmakers and Manufacturers that utilized the latest technologies for the PhoneCatcher production.

Yorkshires engineering past has left a legacy of fine skills and expertise in this region that have enabled the PhoneCatcher to become a proudly 100% made in the UK Product.